Wild Indonesia

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2390   13 tahun lalu
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2390   13 tahun lalu
Indonesia is a land of the strange and spectacular, of giant flowers and coral
gardens, of dragons, tigers and glorious birds of paradise. A staggering 15% of all
the world's species are found in this unique region.
The island chain straddles the equator it is a country forged by fire. Violent
volcanic eruptions account for many of the islands, some huge, others merely a speck
of rock. These islands are a centre of bio-diversity that is matched nowhere else in
the world. It is one of the last wild frontiers, containing some of the least
explored regions on earth. The story is one of invasion, extinction, isolation and
evolution on an unparalleled scale. The remarkable Natural History of the world's
largest archipelago is explored in three, one hour programmes.