Cocotinos, A Small Beach Resort North Sulawesi Bunaken

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2755   13 tahun lalu
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2755   13 tahun lalu
Odyssea Divers & Cocotinos, A Small Beach Resort is owned and operated Odyssea Asia. We provide all-inclusive recreational dive packages, group incentives, PADI & SSI courses, Introductory Dive programs, EANitrox and just recently, technical diving facility. Just a 25mins drive from Manado International Airport, you will be welcomed to a resort situated in Kima Bajo Village (Wori Bay) that has earned many admirers and return guests. 2 Suites, 16 duplex villas with ensuite bathroom modern amenities and air conditioning, Laleina Spa, Swimming Pool and 20mins away from Bunaken Marine Park.North Sulawesi is one of the most exciting and popular dive destinations in the world. Cocotinos, A Small Beach Resort is a dive resort designed for divers by divers with design, property development and operational expertise. Our resort is located adjacent to the incredible Bunaken Island Marine Park, famous for its beautiful coral walls that are home to incredibly rare and unusual critters and mega fauna such as turtles and sharks. Staying and diving with Cocotinos resort makes the Sulawasi experience first class!