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AUDITION FOR MY NEXT MOVIE!! (I can't tell you what the title of it is yet) but it's a dance movie and I'm looking for the most talented dancers out there in the world!! The more unique and amazing the better. Here's how to do it.UPLOAD a video of you: 1) Saying your name and where you're from2) Telling us in less than 20 seconds why are you a more unique dancers than anyone else out there. 3) Freestyle dancing for less than a minute showing your best stuff. We've seen LOTS of dancers so it better be different and awesome!!DEADLINE is next wed. March 25th so get it in before hand. The earlier the less competition you have!! So do it early. Don't wait.Good luck! Can't wait to see what people come up with. We're looking for stars. Are you one? Your dancing and acting could be in every theater in america next year! Subscribe to my channel to stay updated and see who makes the cut. NOTE: this is not a contest. this is simply me trying to find great talent out there and hoping to find it on youtube where we can't go and audition people ourselves. Word.