New Orleans Mardi Gras 1941 in color

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1796   14 tahun lalu
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1796   14 tahun lalu
It is almost Mardi Gras time again in New Orleans & elsewhere.This film takes us back to Mardi Gras 1941 and is in living color. This was the first year a female krewe paraded (Venus) and was the last celebration until after the war. The hot Dixie jazz is provided by George Lewis & Johnny Dodds. So Bon Temps Roule!We have some other Mardi Gras videos for you to enjoy; We have now added a second clip of vintage Mardi Gras celebration:Early 1950's New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade & Crowd Here are some links for those who would like to explore more Mardi Gras history; This site has a great timeline.