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2420   14 tahun lalu
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2420   14 tahun lalu
100 years anniversary of NEGERI DANOWUDU Danowudu Village district of Ranowulu Bitung Township North Sulawesi Indonesia was creating a community commitment beetwen the villagers and the north sulawesi goverment as Mr Governor SH SARUNDAJANG mention that he was happy and proud with DANOWUDU the villagers are preserve the environment and Danowudu has two rainforest that became water supplier to almost all BITUNG communities and the tanker and cruise in Bitung Port Sarundajang said From DANOWUDU We are planting trees and create a commitment to preserve the LAND OF MINAHASA environment to decrease the climate changing from The UN database the global warming has decreased 07 celcius degrees and the rainforest in minahasa itself has only 11 percent left said Sarundajang due to global warming issue from now on as the minahasanese we commit to preserve rainforest water and environment through planting the trees in that way we could protect carbon dioxide off from the earth as if today the earth is wrapping that cause Global Warming