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Unite Against WMG

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From: manadosiar
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4795 days ago

Description: The Warner Music Group are taking control of Youtube, limiting our use of this great site. WMG are muting our videos and stopping cover singers, fan video artists and music video makers from posting their work on Youtube. How is that fair?They are not pyhsically sharing any music, which isn't illegal. No one is claiming the music are their own and no one making their videos for profit. It's a joke how they're allowed to control our use of YT and it's not fair.We need to take a stand now.It's effecting many Youtubers and this needs stamping out before it takes over the whole community.Watch it!Rate it!Favourite it!Comment it!Share it!Get this video as popular as possible, get it on the first page and get it noticed! WMG need to go before they ruin Youtube. If they carry on, Youtube won't be the site it is today by the end of the year, they will completely transform Youtube into something ugly! We can't let that happen!UNIT AGAINST WMG!

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