Kulintang ensemble, Mindanao, Philippines, 1966 - Manado Siar

Kulintang ensemble, Mindanao, Philippines, 1966

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Description: This film footage was taken by anthropologist Robert Garfias in the village of Nuling (now Simuay), Sultan Kudarat, Mindanao island in 1966. Its of Maguindanaon women playing Kulintang, which is an ancient gong-drum ensemble music of the southern Philippines and that was once widespread throughout the islands during the Spanish arrival in the mid-1500s according to descriptions made in the 16th century Boxer Codex. Although Garfias originally labelled this video as that of a "Duyug", this piece corresponds more to a Binalig a Bagu in the Ilud style (Check my account for the reference video for more information on the style). Kulintang is closely related to the Agung ensemble, as well as Kulintangan/Kolintang ensembles played in neighbouring Sulu, Borneo & (archaically) Sulawesi. It is also distantly related to Gamelan of Java and Bali. It is considered one of the oldest genres among various Southeast Asian gong-chime ensembles.Instruments:KULINTANG: 8 piece gong rack. carries the main melodyGANDINGAN: four slightly larger "talking gongs"AGUNG: Bass gong. DEBAKAN: goblet shaped beaten drumBABENDIR: 'time-keeping' gong (not featured in footage)

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