Maengket - Presbyterian church Metuchen - Manado Siar

Maengket - Presbyterian church Metuchen

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From: Nini
Tags: Maengket,
5240 days ago

Description: A traditional dance from minahasa manado indonesia It is call MAENGKET was perfomed By The group of metuchen fellowship church Edison New Jersey US

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corry's avatar
corry - 5231 days ago

First Maengket in New Jesey after more than ten years played by Saruntawaya in early 90's.

mercy's avatar
mercy - 5234 days ago

Group Maengket yang pertama disiarkan namun sebelumnya di New jersey ada Maengket Saruntawaya, yang mana bapak Max Ibu Meyti dan Ibu Masye yang adalah anggota Maengket Metuchen adalah former personal maengket Saruntawaya. Penting untuk di ketahui. Thanks

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manadosiar - 5235 days ago

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Shanalie - 5237 days ago

it's not working
i cant see the video (it's not playing)